Residential Curbside Pick-Up

For Ease and Convenience

Customers receive a 5-gallon bucket, featuring a secure twist-off lid with a compostable liner to collect their food scraps in. The contents of the bucket will be picked up in front of your house on Tuesdays.  We will leave you with a new liner that helps keep the buckets clean and prevents legacy odors that may come with an unclean bucket. 

Currently, Curbsite Pick-Up is offered in the following neighborhoods in Roanoke City. 

If you are interested in composting with us, but are not a resident of these areas; check out our Drop Off Program.

If you wish to see a curbside option in your neighborhood, we will commit to a pick-up in your area if you organize a cluster of 5 households that want to join a curbside food waste collection program. Please Contact Us if you'd like to do this or have a group ready to sign-up. 

*Program Costs $25/month*

*$30 start-Up Fee provides a Bucket with a twist-off lid, compostable liner, and gasket to keep the liner in place which we will deliver to you. 

Sign-Up below to pay for a 1st month and registration fee ($55). 

We will contact you within 48 hours after you pay for a 1st month's service and Start-Up Fee. We typically deliver all buckets when doing our curbside pick-up route on Tuesdays.  

Any customer in our program is entitled to up to 4 buckets of free finished compost from us, or $10 off on a cubic yard of compost (valued at $50 total).