Star City Compost is creating quality, fertile compost and compost products for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers in the Roanoke Valley by coordinating the area’s only food waste and organics recycling program at their permitted compost facility.

We are a small, ecologically driven business that has formed to fill a void in our local food system. We will open for food waste collection in January of 2024 and plan to begin selling compost in the Spring of 2024.  

Our facility features five large 960 cubic ft static aerated compost bunkers which will allow us to produce more than 780 cubic yards of compost per year. We are a small facility entering into an endless sea of food waste, so if you want to compost your food waste with us, please sign up as soon as possible.    

Our company will pick up food waste from restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, public cafeterias, or apartment complexes to help you go green and reduce your dumpster bill.  Please contact us to learn about how to set-up a composting program for your company. 

We are offering two opt-in programs to receive food waste from local residents: 

All residential members are required to sign-up using the google form below. Your registration will not be complete until you have made the $30 start-up fee payment to receive a bucket and contract that outlines the agreements of our collection service.


Star City Compost has completed the construction of our compost facility and has passed the inspection for our design certifications for the State of Virginia. We also submitted our financial assurance for closure with the state as a part of receiving our permit. We should have our solid waste facility permit in hand and be able to open the facility within the next couple of weeks.  

Building Star City Compost has been a 4 year process including multiple iterations of design for the facility, a rezoning process with the City of Roanoke, a building permit with the City of Roanoke, drafting a business plan, recruiting a base of investment to build the facility, drafting an operating agreement for the business that establishes us as a worker/owner cooperative, and completing all steps to obtain a permit-by-rule with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. It's been a tremendous under taking to get us to the point we are today. 

We understand that we have put out multiple opening dates and that we have not been able to hold firm to those dates and this is disappointing to people who want to use our service.  

We ask for patience and understanding for how long, arduous, and difficult this process has been for us as unpaid workers going towards this huge goal without ever doing anything like this before. While projected opening dates have changed, one thing that has remained constant is the hard work, perseverance, and dedication to make this vision a reality.