Residential Drop-off

Composting on your time

Customers empty their 5-gallon bucket, featuring a secure twist-off lid, compostable liner, and a gasket, once weekly at the nearest Drop-Off Station. Take a new liner to keep your buckets clean and prevent legacy odors that may come with an unclean bucket.

Artist Heather Lynn Reynolds painting the drop-off shed at the LEAP for Local Food Hub

You can drop off food scraps at the following locations:

We are seeking new Drop-Off Locations in the following localities: 

Drop-Off Stations are enclosed to prevent pest or odor problems and the outside walls can serve as a space for public art. The stations are kept locked and accessible only to members to deposit their compost and collect a new compostable liner for their 5-gallon bucket.

We are looking to partner with more churches or businesses to build and locate Drop-Off stations in the area. We are currently looking for locations in the City of Vinton, the City of Salem, and near the intersection of Hershberger and Williamson Rd. 

If you would like to partner on a new location, please Contact Us.

*Start-Up Fee of $30 to deliver and provide you with a bucket with a twist off lid, compostable liner, and gasket to hold the liner in place. 

*The Drop-Off Program Costs $10/month, including the first month*

Start service by completing the payment link below, which charges $40 for the first month and start-up fee. 

We will contact you within 48 hours after you pay for a 1st month's service and Start-Up Fee. We typically deliver all buckets when doing our curbside pick-up route on Tuesdays.  

Any customer in our program is entitled to up to 2 buckets of free finished compost from us, or $10 off on a cubic yard of compost (valued at $50 total). 

Location of the Our Lady Nazareth Drop-Off Shed and Picture of the Drop-Off Shed