Commercial Pick-Up Services

Going Green by Composting

With Star City Compost, you can ensure that your organic waste is transformed into soil instead of rotting in a landfill. After each quarter of your participation, we will provide metrics for how much organic waste you diverted from the landfill, as well as how much carbon that kept our of our atmosphere. Annually, we will provide a certificate that states your achievements.  

We charge $20/64 G roll cart picked up per week, $15 for 32 G roll cart/week. These bins are picked up and replaced with a clean bin each week. The bins have locking mechanisms on the top, preventing critters from getting in if they are kept in the back of your facility. We can also provide 5 G buckets to assist in the collection of materials before dumping them in your tote.

 As a bussiness, you can participate in our curbside program ($25/month) if you have a small volume of food waste and that is the best option.

Star City Compost is the only business in the Roanoke Valley that is permitted to accept food waste from commercial customers, which includes schools, caterers, cafeterias, restaurants, or grocery stores. Many other people will collect compost for free, but their enthusiasm often wanes after they realize how much work and time it takes to go pick-up and make compost. If you want reliable service for composting, we are your best option.

Before signing a contract for our food waste pick-up services, we will do a free on-site consultation to estimate the costs of the service, as well as eliminating sources of contamination and how to streamline the segregation of compostable material from other solid waste. 

We offer a 1 million dollar general liability policy and 1 million comprehensive auto coverage, ensuring that you will be protected in the case of any accidents.