Places of Worship

If members in a particular congregation wish to participate, we would propose building a housing structure for a single, lockable 64 G or 32 G tote to be kept within (Pictured to the left).  Environmental leaders at the place of worship can be provided with promotional materials to recruit fellow congregants to the residential drop-off program.

The single drop-off point is easily removed if there become issues, can be placed outdoors, and has two locks on the top of the tote/housing to keep critters out of the bin. It is also not too costly for Star City Compost to construct. Each week Star City Compost will remove the tote within the drop point and bring it back to our facility to process the food waste into compost and clean the tote. Each participant in the program receives a 5 G bucket that comes with a compostable liner. Using a small steel mailbox on the drop-off we are able to store more liners for people to get a new one each week.

Before setting up the tote and housing at a place of worship, we would like to see some level of participation from the congregation. To set-up a 32 G tote, we would like to have a verbal promise that 10 people would participate. A 64 G tote would require participation from at least 15 people, but ideally 20. We believe it is word of mouth from our supporters that will bring more people into composting.

In exchange for participation from the congregation, we will provide the congregation a bucket to recycle all food waste from meals held at the place of worship without charge. We will also provide 4 buckets worth of compost per participant in the congregation to come back to the place of worship. For 20 participants this equals a cubic yards/year for the church per year.

These sites might be made available to the public is this is allowed by the place of worship, which something to consider.