About Us

Mission Statement

Star City Compost LLC is creating quality, fertile compost and compost products for gardeners, landscapers, and farmers in the Roanoke Valley by coordinating the area’s only food waste and organics recycling program at our permitted compost facility.

Vision Statement

Star City Compost LLC envisions a Roanoke valley where all people are able to divert their organic food waste into composting programs that create resources for the local community. The long-term success of sustainable agriculture in this region demands that we recycle the nutrients from organic materials usually thrown into the landfill so that these nutrients – the building blocks of life – are used on our local farms, as well as household and community gardens.

We envision an economy in the Roanoke Valley that thrives because of people’s commitment to stewarding and building local, community owned ecological resources. Our compost facility is an engine to empower the fertility of gardens and farms in and around Roanoke.  As a cornerstone business in The Harvest Collective, we are supporting the formation of a community-based regenerate agriculture cooperative system.

Star City Compost LLC is a business of The Harvest Collective LLC – a regenerative agriculture worker-owned business building ownership in vibrant ecosystems through community farms, food scrap diversion programs, and ecological mentorship. We are committed to supporting and supplying compost to a network of growers and sustainable businesses in our region.

We are also a proud partner of Lick Run CDC – a nonprofit creating resilient infrastructure, an environment for interaction and exchange in the local human & biological ecosystems, and opportunities for education and community initiatives. We provide valueable resources to achieve our shared goals, and are an active partner in their education programming.

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