Meet the Team

Davey Rogner Stewards

Davey is a father, husband, musician, ecological educator, and compassionate earth worker. He has maintained a steady ethic leading, working on, and educating about ecosystem restoration since graduating from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2009 with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy. Notably, Davey co-founded Pick Up America, where he spent 3 years coordinating the nation’s only coast-to-coast roadside litter pickup to promote a zero-waste future. He also has worked as a cook, house painter, bread baker, invasive species removal specialist, ecological educator, and carpenter’s assistant. Since moving to Roanoke City, Davey has worked supporting and initiating various community garden agriculture projects. He has carried the effort to pursue the legal permitting and conversation around a compost facility project at Heritage Point Farm in NE since 2018.

Craig Coker

Craig Coker has 45+ years in the compost industry. He is an industry veteran who consults with compost start-ups, municipal composting efforts, and established businesses nationwide. As a mentor for the project, Craig has guided The Harvest Collective and Star City Compost to understanding how to best operate and raise capital for a compost facility business. Craig, together with his wife Dolores, also runs the Book No Further book store in downtown Roanoke.

The Harvest Collective

A Montessori toddler teacher, a biologist, a retail manager, a law student, an environmental educator, and a sociologist walked into a bar... The Harvest Collective is a regenerative agriculture worker-owned cooperative (and a story of serendipity and perseverance in the face of difficulties). Each worker-owner is active with Star City Compost in various ways that support the vision and mission. From managing the grounds, the website, product research, design and printing, and more, The Harvest Collective carries physical and mental labor to ensure Star City Compost's success.